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Exclusive Offers for PTA Members

As a member of the PTA, you will have access to special group discounts, fundraising opportunities, and other valuable benefits.



All offers are available through the National PTA and are subject to change at any time. For full details about each offer, it's terms, and how to qualify, please visit

To join now, head over to MemberHub and sign up today!

Why Join the PTA?

The number one reason to join the PTA is to benefit your child(ren) by supporting our school. Other great reasons include:


Be a Role Model  By participating in the PTA, you are demonstrating to your child(ren) the importance you place on them and their education.


Guide Improvements  As a member of the PTA, you'll be able to help make positive changes. The PTA plays an important role in fundraising to provide building improvements, curriculum-based programs, and social events which are otherwise not included in the school's budget.


Networking  PTA functions are a great way to meet other parents and teachers. They provide you an avenue to discuss issues, share ideas, and get to know the people in your child(ren)'s life.


Be Informed  Being involved in the PTA helps you stay on top of what is going on in our school.


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